Small Things

The modern world is bustling and busy and sometimes it’s difficult for the days and weeks to not meld into one big mash of rushing monotony. It’s become very important for me to take the time to truly savor and enjoy the small things that are often overlooked when I am focused on the big things in a day. I’ve been learning that the more I focus on the smaller things, the more I notice, until the entire day becomes bestrewn with small and wonderful discoveries. I wanted to share a few of these moments:

The first sip of coffee in the morning; inhaling the earthy and rich scent and enjoying every facet of flavor – sweet, nutty, bold – that dance across my taste buds. I am filled with delicious warmth.

Taking a brief break from my work to stand outside and absorb sunlight. I cannot photosynthesize, but I feel very plant-like, standing there in the sun, thriving. The rays feel slightly warmer in mid-February than they did in January and I silently rejoice that spring is around the corner. My face feels warm and my eyelids, rejuvenated.

The sunset after a long work day. Nautical twilight has come and the majority of the sky is dark, save for the western horizon. It is a muted glow of pink, orange, blue, and deep purple, and stars are starting to break into the watercolor-esque scene. The tall rushes sway in the wind, silhouetting it all.

Sitting down to a small slice of gjetost cheese and a shot of espresso on my day off. The cheese starts off salty and as it melts on my tongue, I can taste each unique note of sweet caramel. My espresso compliments it well, with the rich taste of fragrant earth. I intentionally direct my full attention to my snack, so I am fully immersed in the moment.

Watching the moon set as the sun rises. The morning clouds are tinged with rose gold and the moon brightly sits over them, its craters staring at me. The city hasn’t fully awakened yet, save for a smokestack that sends out a spindly bit of smoke that wafts lazily into the sky. The moon and sun wave at a distance as they pass each other, going in opposite directions; the moon taking the night with it and the sun bringing the day.

Examining an orchid flower. I marvel at how small and intricate it is. The petals are delicate and bright yellow and the inside is a gaping grin of orange. If I lean in and take a very deep breath, I can smell the gentle scent they put out, and it is like a tiny sunbeam.

Holding my cat. He is warm and gives me cozy snuggles. His fur is soft and his purrs rumble soothingly. I bury my face in the back of his head and he nuzzzles up to me, uttering a quiet, happy sound.

The sound of snow underfoot. The cold snow squeaks in a funny, rubbery way under my boots while the warmer snow crunches. The difference in sound every day makes me very pleased as I walk to my car in the mornings.

Life is a wonderful mix of complex and simple. Every small thing I turn my focus to reminds me of that. As silly as it may seem to some, I rather like living my life in deep appreciation of the moments that would otherwise pass me by. Each sunrise and sunset is a burst of happiness. A snowflake is a glistening, priceless gem. A good laugh is music to my ears. They’re reminders to slow down and invitations to a richer daily experience.

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